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Aperio v. [Latin] to uncover, to explain, to make clear

Aperio Global provides clients innovative solutions across our expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Network Security and Cyber Operations. We focus on next-generation concepts combining integration and interoperability capability. Our world-class experience successfully enables clients to navigate a complex and expanding information environment. We are committed to achieving information superiority for national security, critical missions and the warfighter.


To change the course of history through the design and application of innovative solutions that drive cultural change.


Create comprehensive and integrated solutions to effectively operate in the Information Environment in order to simplify and make decisions actionable.

Meet the Team

Mr. Earl Stafford, Jr

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Earl W. Stafford

Chief Strategy Officer

Dr. Damian Watkins

Chief of Research and Innovation

Dr. Kevin Couśin,
USAF (Ret)

Vice President, Technology Solutions

Mr. Keithon Corpening,
USA (Ret)

Vice President, Cyber Operations

Mr. Eric Bohrer

Vice President,  National Security

Ms. Natoshia Canzater

Director of Operations

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